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Music for Tabletop RPGs

2010-06-10 18:26:40 by prog17

Hey, I'm currently starting up a Mutants and Masterminds game with my buddies and as per tradition we have music playing in the background. What I need as GM is some themes for the villains and enemies the players will encounter. If anyone has suggestions for songs off the audio portal I'd really like some ideas.

Specifically I have the following villains that need themes:
> A sharpshooter, old west themed villain
> A ninja, though he's more a brawler than a stealth fighter
> A psychic who can conjure objects from thin air and use them as projectiles
> A vampire-esc spell caster
> A completely deranged and sadistic maniac who prefers to play with his enemies first. Dresses as a skeleton
> A mastermind who creates illusions and plays puppet master to the other villains

As for heros I have:
> A tech user who creates equipment for the team (think Billy from Power Rangers + Otacon from MGS)
> A Nick Fury like leader who acts as diplomatic head for the team
> An alien healer who acts as medic for the team

I don't have any preference with types of music, I'd prefer something with more heavy beat (it's battle themes I'm mostly looking for). If you have ideas for area themes (headquarter themes for both the heroes and villains) or anything else that may help I'd love the suggestions.


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