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Music for Tabletop RPGs

2010-06-10 18:26:40 by prog17

Hey, I'm currently starting up a Mutants and Masterminds game with my buddies and as per tradition we have music playing in the background. What I need as GM is some themes for the villains and enemies the players will encounter. If anyone has suggestions for songs off the audio portal I'd really like some ideas.

Specifically I have the following villains that need themes:
> A sharpshooter, old west themed villain
> A ninja, though he's more a brawler than a stealth fighter
> A psychic who can conjure objects from thin air and use them as projectiles
> A vampire-esc spell caster
> A completely deranged and sadistic maniac who prefers to play with his enemies first. Dresses as a skeleton
> A mastermind who creates illusions and plays puppet master to the other villains

As for heros I have:
> A tech user who creates equipment for the team (think Billy from Power Rangers + Otacon from MGS)
> A Nick Fury like leader who acts as diplomatic head for the team
> An alien healer who acts as medic for the team

I don't have any preference with types of music, I'd prefer something with more heavy beat (it's battle themes I'm mostly looking for). If you have ideas for area themes (headquarter themes for both the heroes and villains) or anything else that may help I'd love the suggestions.

Kirby music

2009-12-22 22:37:10 by prog17

I've been kinda at a stand still with music ideas, so I decided to once again forge into another childhood memory splurge with Kirby's Dreamland 2. Hope you guys like it, I'll make more if it gets good feedback. /298150

Wow sweet

2009-01-22 22:56:11 by prog17

Today I'd like to give a huge shout out to NG user Kayd, for synching my popular remix of Through the Fire and the Flames for Coolio-Naito's and Xceed's big new game Rhythmworld. The song is crazy hard, but I was stunned to see my own work on such an amazing game concept. So big thanks man!

not that anyone cares but

2008-08-26 18:02:24 by prog17

I think I can confirm that I have no real fans, no big I'm not that skilled to deserve them, nonetheless I feel like I need to post my thoughts here. I think that I need to make some pieces that will get some real attention. I'm working on some new ideas and I may do a new thing with my friend KuromoriBarba KuromoriBarba's page and maybe we could get something big done (doubt it cause of school). But who knows?

More bored project ideas

2008-07-26 20:45:40 by prog17

I've been messing around with new ideas to do, I just made a Dragonforce remix (had to do it :D) and I'm looking for new ideas.

I'm looking at
- A kirby remix (I like kirby and the music)
- Another scottish music gone synth piece (having trouble finding good ideas though)
- completely from scratch song (this would probably end bad but I'd love it at the same time)

A Calling?

2008-07-02 13:54:19 by prog17

just made my first remix (LoZ-TP: Secret Village Remix) and I'm stunned with the results. I just took some classes on Garageband so that definatley helped, but I think I might just start making some more remixes! :)


2008-06-25 15:28:32 by prog17

my stuff finnaly got added! I'm very happy with the scores to. Considering they weren't all that great they made for nice first entries. It's a great feeling when that happens. Here's hoping for more submissions in the future.

New stuff to hopefully get added

2008-06-07 19:02:55 by prog17

I'm still not sure why my first loop still hasn't been put on the portal (another week and I'm emailing the big guys in charge) but I decided to work on some new stuff. I worked a bit on a little classical piece and threw together a small bit in Garageband to actually very nice results. I decided to throw it into the Audio Portal, hopping to recieve future guidance as to what to do next with it (it could be used to intro a much larger piece, extended into a large composition, or simply left as is in loop form).

In other news I threw together a small thing that essentially is a modified bagpipe (the thing is rigged to sound like a synth song XP). It's really bizarre and I didn't feel confident in adding it to my already sub-average songs. If people want it though, I'll put it into the portal.

nothing yet

2008-06-03 15:32:00 by prog17

It's been nearly three days and my audio submission has not yet been posted. It's making me somewhat worried but I haven't recieved any "We are sorry but..." mail so I'm still hopeful. In the meantime, I'm looking for new ideas for songs and loops, anyone got ideas? My skills are very limited so I can only do basic things, but please give ideas.

here goes nothing!

2008-05-31 12:01:06 by prog17

Well I sent in my first piece to newgrounds. It's a small audio loop I call contemplation (you can find it later as "(prog17) contemplation") I hope it gets allowed and people can listen to it. I'm so excited right now!